Common Hobbies for Seniors Living in Assisted Living Communities

Senior Reading a KindleAs we age, hobbies become more than simply a way to relax and unwind. Leisure activities can actually play a critical role in keeping the mind active and engaged, preventing depression, and sharpening cognitive abilities. But for many seniors considering a move into assisted living, the question of whether or not they’ll still be able to enjoy the hobbies they love becomes cause for concern.

The good news is that The Wesley Community is committed to helping our residents feel at home, active and engaged – and that includes creating opportunities for them to do the things they love, and helping each resident find new activities to enjoy.

Here are just a few of the hobbies enjoyed by residents in the Assisted Living Program at Woodlawn Commons.


The Community Garden on The Wesley campus allows residents to garden alongside members of the greater Saratoga Springs community. Not only has the once wet and weedy bit of land been transformed into a beautiful space, but the residents have blossomed, too. Gardening is a great low-impact hobby for seniors, and community gardening, in particular, promotes social interaction and new friendships. For those who love to garden, but are not necessarily mobile, container and window gardening can also be therapeutic. Embury Apartments also has a thriving container garden thoroughly enjoyed by and tended by residents.


Any kind of needlecraft, such as knitting, crocheting, quilting and needlepoint, can improve hand-eye coordination and keep the brain sharp. Needlecrafts are also great for maintaining fine motor skills and improving dexterity and hand strength, which is great for arthritis sufferers, or anyone who would like to improve their grip.


The best part about reading is that it can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time, and without any major investment – or for free, if the assisted living community has a good library. Many residents now have Kindles and other ebook readers, as well, which allow them to download books from the comfort of their apartments.


The simple act of writing can help residents embrace their creativity, share significant memories, and keep their minds healthy and active. Whether you prefer pen and paper or a computer, writing in a journal or a blog, publishing a monthly newsletter or your memoirs, writing is a great way to combat memory loss.


Drawing, painting, pottery and photography are all ideal hobbies for seniors in assisted living because they’re not physically demanding, yet they keep the hands busy and calm the mind. In fact, so many of the residents at Woodlawn Commons are artists that the community recently celebrated Assisted Living Week with a resident art show, which featured woodworking, painting, textile arts, drawing and other artwork created by our talented residents.

More to Enjoy at Our Assisted Living Community in Saratoga Springs

The Assisted Living Program at Woodlawn Commons in Saratoga Springs provides residents with several social activities, entertainment options and events, as well as an in-house restaurant and on-site beauty salon and barber shop.

We also provide dedicated social workers, nursing staff and aides to help manage healthcare and medication, and our friendly and compassionate staff is happy to arrange transportation to medical appointments. Call (518) 691-1525 for more information, or request a tour.