Tending the Embury Apartments Container Garden

A man sitting among a large number of potted plants.Walking through the main entrance of Embury Apartments, one can’t help but notice the thriving container garden that brightens the portico. You’ll usually see residents sitting a safe distance apart and chatting, while enjoying the colorful plants and flowers. The garden is the handy work of eight year Embury Apartments resident, Harold Burditt. Thanks to Harold’s green thumb, what started out as a few overlooked plants, has grown into the vibrant display we now enjoy.

Gardening has been a favorite hobby of Harold’s since he was a 15 year old growing up by the St Lawrence River. He was born in Fort Covington, NY and later moved to Waddington, NY, where he had a green house in which geraniums and other plants were raised. Harold would often give them away as gifts, much like he shares his talents now. He is quick to mention that other Embury Apartments residents have generously donated plants to the garden, which is evidence of Embury Apartments’ close knit community. In fact, community, companionship and security are some of Harold’s favorite aspects of living at Embury. His favorite part of tending the garden is the early morning quiet time he gets, which he finds relaxing and spiritual.

When asked if he had any advice for someone starting a container garden, Harold said the secret is a lot of water and regular feeding with a good fertilizer. Enjoy photos of Harold’s container garden below…