The Wesley Community's Corporate Compliance Program

Employees of The Wesley Community and its affiliated entities, medical staff, vendors and allied health practitioners at Wesley facilities are expected to comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws, and to follow stated codes of conduct.

Compliance is important especially when you are performing your daily job requirements with honesty and integrity, as well as following the laws and regulations.

To assure that Wesley’s operations are being conducted in compliance with applicable law and the highest ethical standards, Wesley has established a Compliance Program under the direction of a Compliance Officer. A Compliance Committee has been established to oversee the implementation and operation of the program.

We are committed to maintaining your confidentiality which is consistent with the current policies in place within The Wesley Community. No one who reports an issue in good faith will be subjected to being discharged, demoted, suspended, threatened, harassed or in any other manner discriminated against based on having made a report. All reports will be investigated and will be closed with an appropriate resolution.

For a printable version of Wesley’s Compliance Manual, click the following link:

Corporate Compliance Manual (PDF)

To report a concern or suspected compliance violation, you may contact your immediate supervisor. If you do not feel comfortable contacting your supervisor, please contact: Amy L. Michaud-Wells, Ed.D. Director of  Corporate Compliance. Please provide us enough information to initiate an investigation. Specific concerns of what has happened including names, dates, times, locations, witnesses if they would like to be known, and any further pertinent information

You may also use our CONFIDENTIAL hotline @ 518-691-1646. If you contact by phone, you do not have to identify yourself.

You may email directly to compliance@thewesleycommunity.org,  fax at 518-691-1647, or use the drop boxes that are located across the facility.

For a printable version of the Report of Potential Non-Compliance Form, click the following link

Report of Potential Non-Compliance (Accessible.txt)

For a summary of the relevant State and Federal laws, please visit the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General, HERE.

All governing documents, policies, 990’s and financial statements are available upon request. Please use the “contact us” form for any of the aforementioned information.

Privacy Notice – Revised 12-21-21 PDF (Accessible .txt)