A senior woman sitting in a well lit room.

How Is Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosed?

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Wondering if a senior’s symptoms are signs of Alzheimer’s? And how doctors diagnose the disease? Learn more here. If you’ve noticed changes in a spouse or senior loved one, you might wonder if they are normal signs of aging or symptoms of a more serious health issue. Forgetfulness is especially noticeable, but it can be […]

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A woman sitting on her couch smiling.

How Home Care Supports Senior Independence

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Learn how enlisting the services of a home care agency can keep a senior independent in their own home longer. When an adult child first begins talking with a parent about hiring a home care agency, they may meet with resistance. Seniors often think accepting help means giving up their independence. In reality, having a […]

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A senior woman and her daughter sitting by a christmas tree.

How to Include a Senior with Alzheimer’s in Your Holiday Celebration

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Wondering how you can plan a holiday gathering if a member of your household has Alzheimer’s? These tips will be of interest. If a loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease lives with you, organizing a holiday gathering might not seem realistic. Alzheimer’s disease presents unique challenges, such as sundowner’s syndrome and loss of verbal communication […]

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A couple with band aids on their arms indicating they just got their flu shots.

Why Seniors Need an Annual Flu Shot

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Flu shots are a necessity for most older adults. Learn more about the annual vaccine and how it helps prevent illness. While much of the nation’s attention continues to focus on COVID-19 and its variants, it’s important to remember that flu season is upon us. One question that arises every flu season is if you […]

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