Aquatic Therapy in Saratoga Springs

Please note that in accordance with NYS Guidelines the aquatic therapy pool remains closed.

The Independent Aquatic Program has been designed to meet the needs of those who will benefit from exercise in an aquatic environment where the water temperature is maintained at therapeutic levels, i.e., between 92-94 degrees.

Aquatic programs in our therapeutic pool help people of all ages and can be incorporated into many personal rehabilitation plans to improve physical strength, joint mobility, balance, coordination and endurance.

Therapy Costs

Payment is required for the month when the participant begins that month. The monthly fee schedule is as follows:

  • 1X per week = $35.00/month
  • 2X per week = $55.00/month
  • 3X per week = $80.00/month
  • 4X per week = $105.00/month
  • 5X per week = $130.00/month

Scheduling Your Aquatic Therapy

Participants will sign up for a particular time slot which will remain the same for the entire month. Each session is 45-minutes in length; participants are advised to plan appointments around this time slot as we will be unable to vary scheduled groups. The Outpatient Department will make every effort to reschedule pool sessions that the Department cancels.

You can sign-up/enroll with our Aquatics Instructor either in person or by telephone at (518)691-1451. If you have to miss a class for any reason, you will not be credited for the missed class. Due to the popularity and growth of the Independent Aquatic Program, we are no longer able to accommodate changes to your regularly scheduled class (for example, if you are signed up for a Monday 8:15AM class but will be out of town, you cannot change to another class that week).Prompt arrival to your session is appreciated and will allow you the most time in the water. You are required to bring your own towel and to rinse off prior to entering the pool. Showers after the pool must be limited to 2-minutes and participants are not to remove their bathing suit while showering.You do not need to call us if you are unable to attend a class.


Payment is due, in full, at the first pool session of the month. Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card. These payments will be accepted by your aquatics instructor IN THE POOL ROOM ONLY and you will be given a receipt (if requested). If paying by credit card, you will give your credit card number to the aquatics instructor. CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED AT THE FRONT DESK.

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