A graphic containing an image of a modern sitting area. Overlaid is the logo for The Campaign for Springs, which features two people that form the trunk of a tree. THe slogan reads - Building the Future for Our Friends and Family.

A New Era at the Springs Building

In 2016, Wesley completed a first phase of renovation to the Springs building at Wesley Health Care Center – our oldest nursing home building. The 5th floor of Springs and the main lobby area of Wesley Health Care Center were transformed. The upgrades resulted in a contemporary, efficient, comfortable and home-like environment. The change is remarkable and well received by residents and families.

Now is the time to fulfill a commitment to residents and transform floors 2, 3 and 4 in the Springs Building. This second phase will require an investment of more than $20 million dollars and the Campaign for Springs is raising funds to help with the project’s cost through philanthropic contributions.

The benefits of this project are numerous in caring for the community. With the help of donors like you, this ambitious effort will make a difference in many lives for generations to follow.


Support the Campaign for Springs


ceiling lift system An example of the modern and comfortable sitting and social areas that will be available to residents after the renovation of the Springs Building An example of the modern showers and bathrooms that will be available in resident rooms after the renovation of the Springs Building

 An example of the bright, modern and comfortable dining and activity spaces that will be available to residents after the renovation of the Springs Building An example of the private rooms that will be available in resident rooms after the renovation of the Springs Building. They are bright and modern and can be decorated as the resident pleases. A photo of two residents in wheel chairs enjoying a gathering area known as a "neighborhood."


Video: Shelly Amato, Chief Strategy Officer and Campaign for Springs Co-Chair (Captioned)


A graphic that lists statistics about The Wesley Community. In order the statistics are 700+ residents, a 37 acre campus, 600+ employees, 75% Medicaid eligible, 500+ annual admissions to The Wesley Health Care Center, and lastly, one of the largest non-profit senior living campuses in NY State.

Why Wesley?


The Wesley Community offers the Saratoga region a full range of services, including independent senior living, assisted living, short-term rehabilitation, long-term skilled nursing care, home care, as well as outpatient therapy.

Wesley began as an innovative combination of housing and health care in one setting, and has grown to a bright, bustling campus that provides services that enhance more than 700 lives daily.

Every level of care and residential living, is underpinned by a highly trained staff that holds the organization’s mission close at hand, and treats all we serve as family. Wesley does this as a mission-based non-profit organization, in an increasingly for-profit world of senior care.


“With this project, Wesley will be better able to meet the needs of the older adults on our campus and the community at large, and to foster and support comfortable living at a vulnerable time of life.”
— Raymond Martin, Steering Committee Co-Chair






Video: Campaign for Springs (Captioned)


Support the Campaign for Springs


The logo for The Campaign for Springs. It features a slogan which reads, "Building the Future for our Friends and Families - The Campaign for Springs at Wesley Health Care Center."

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