Have Your GED? CNA Training in NY is For You

For people with GEDs or high school equivalency diplomas who want to get on the fast track for a rewarding career in healthcare, NY State CNA Training and full-time CNA career opportunities at Wesley Community are a perfect way to start your professional journey.

Why is this first step on the healthcare career path a solid choice? Wesley will help you learn and develop professionally as a CNA in a supportive work environment where you’ll receive competitive pay and plenty of perks. It’s also a fast-growing profession as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates employment of CNAs to grow by 190,000 openings annually between 2020 and 2030.

Here are key reasons why becoming a CNA at Wesley Community is a great career move:

Earn while you learn: Wesley Community provides paid CNA training near your New York location with classroom hours Monday through Friday 8 am – 3 pm and clinical hours Monday through Friday from 8 am – 3 pm. During the six weeks of training, you’ll earn $15.20 an hour and after graduation, the pay rate increases to $16.20. Once you’re certified as a CNA the pay increases again up to $19.50. 

Guaranteed job, great pay, bright future: Once you’ve completed training and been certified, there’s a job ready for you at Wesley Community. We offer competitive pay, incentive compensation, and an outstanding benefits package that makes us one of the best places in the Saratoga region for CNAs to work. Working alongside other healthcare professionals in a variety of areas will help you determine your next career step whether it’s in nursing or a job in another specialized medical field. 

Job flexibility: CNAs are needed around the clock so it’s easy to find shifts at Wesley Community that fit your schedule. Whether it’s full-time, part-time, days, nights, or weekends, there’s plenty of flexibility for scheduling once you’ve received training and certification. Wesley also offers a new work schedule option called the 3-Day CNA which features a work week of 3 shifts of 12 hours caring for our residents. Under this program, CNAs will still accrue full-time benefits if they work at least 60 hours bi-weekly.

Fantastic benefits: Wesley Community provides CNAs with a generous benefits package that includes paid vacation, sick, and personal time, paid holidays, flexible scheduling options, and a 401K retirement plan. We encourage a fun work environment that features theme weeks, recognition events, and opportunities for staff involvement.

Great work environment: At Wesley Community, we pride ourselves on our culture, providing a caring and supportive teamwork environment that offers CNAs opportunities for growth and development, making it one of the best jobs for GEDs on the market. While we all take our jobs seriously, it’s also a fun place to work and we enjoy theme weeks, recognition events, and opportunities for staff involvement. 

Lay the groundwork for nursing school: Many of our CNAs choose to continue their education by enrolling in nursing school. The application process can be very competitive so experience working as a CNA at Wesley Community will make you stand out. Also, the relationships you build with our staff of healthcare professionals will help you with letters of recommendation and building your resume. Wesley also strongly supports our CAN’s professional development by providing tuition assistance and nursing scholarships.

Ready to Learn More? Get Started with Paid CNA Training Today

The Wesley Community promotes a work culture that is compassion-driven and care-based where CNAs have the opportunity to make a difference in patient’s lives. To learn more about our CNA training program, the 3-Day CNA option, or careers at Wesley, take a look at our careers pages for more information on our CNA training opportunities or our current job openings.