Independent Pool Schedule for Aquatic Physical Therapy

Please note that in accordance with NYS Guidelines the aquatic therapy pool remains closed.

The Wesley Community is pleased to offer aquatic therapy and water-based exercise classes in Saratoga Springs. Often recommended for seniors, or those recovering from surgery or an injury, aquatic physical therapy can improve cardiovascular health, balance and flexibility. The warm water also facilitates peripheral circulation and muscle relaxation, while acting as a form of resistance, so strength exercises can be performed without the use of heavy weights.

Our pool schedule includes aqua aerobics, self-directed aquatic physical therapy, and gentle stretching and strengthening classes – all led by an aquatics instructor in our heated therapy pool – as well as one-on-one assistance for participants with severe mobility limitations.

Call (518) 691-1451 to schedule a class. Please note that in accordance with NYS Guidelines the aquatic therapy pool remains closed.

Pool Schedule
Schedule subject to change. All classes are 45 minutes.


Led by a certified Aqua Aerobics Instructor, this class incorporates stretching, aerobic activity, core strengthening and balance activities to provide a full body workout.

Next Step

Supervised by an instructor, this time slot allows individuals to perform self-directed aquatic exercises at their own pace. This program is an ideal progression for our physical therapy patients as a transition to an independent program.


This time slot is reserved for participants with severe mobility limitations requiring one-on-one assistance. Participants must be recommended for this class by their physical therapist.

Stretch and Strengthen l

Led by an instructor, this class offers gentle stretching and strengthening to those who may be experiencing chronic pain, joint inflammation, fibromyalgia or difficulty participating in traditional exercise programs.

Stretch and Strengthen ll

A progression of stretch and strengthen l.

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