Understanding the True Value of Assisted Living

Seniors and their families are often unaware of the services and amenities provided at an assisted living community. Read on to learn more about the value.

Senior couple embracing and smiling.

Many families aren’t aware of the value of assisted living communities. These communities have features and benefits that make them an ideal solution for seniors who want to protect their privacy while receiving a little extra help.

Assisted living communities offer services designed to support older adults’ independence and privacy. Having support with personal care in the morning, for example, can allow a resident to be active and independent the remainder of the day. No more worries about falling in the shower or neglecting hygiene to avoid injury.

For families, these communities bring peace of mind. Adult children know a caregiver is nearby when their loved one requires assistance. Instead of being the senior’s errand-runner and housekeeper, you can return to spending quality time together.

Here are a few other ways assisted living communities bring value to older adults.

5 Ways Assisted Living Communities Benefit Seniors

  1. Improved nutrition

Making healthy meals can be difficult for older adults. Some seniors feel cooking for one is too much work. Others with mobility challenges or who have limited their driving might not go to the grocery store often.

These are a few reasons older adults who live alone often consume a diet of packaged meals and fast food. Neither option is ideal.

In an assisted living community, nutritious, freshly prepared meals and snacks are included in the monthly fee. Most communities offer residents a variety of meal options each day.

  1. On-site wellness programs

Assisted living communities offer residents a variety of daily on-site wellness programs. At The Wesley Community, for example, residents can participate in morning exercise classes, Yoga with Peg, Moving to Heal, and more.

Residents also benefit from the support of an experienced care team that includes nurses, social workers, and aides. They are available to assist with tasks ranging from medication management to personal care.

  1. Maintenance-free lifestyle

Maintaining a home can be costly and time consuming at any age. For an older adult, the physical demands of household tasks can put them at risk for injuries. They can also limit a senior’s ability to fully enjoy retirement.

A move to an assisted living community reduces household chores. Everything from snow removal to appliance repair is done for you. If you want housekeeping and laundry services, those are available too.

  1. Nurturing the body, mind, and spirit

Seniors who live alone might feel disconnected and isolated, especially if they’ve given up driving. Assisted living communities offer residents a wide variety of life-enrichment activities every day.

Ice cream socials, book clubs, lecture programs, computer classes, movie nights, card groups, bowling, art workshops, and religious offerings are just a few of the many choices available. Community outings to nearby restaurants and shopping malls are also offered.

  1. Transportation services

Another popular service offered by assisted living communities is transportation. You will no longer need to ask an adult child to take time off work to drive you to a doctor’s appointment. The transportation staff can make all the arrangements.

Visit an Assisted Living Community to Learn More

The bottom line is assisted living communities are a cost-effective option for older adults that also helps improve quality of life. You can see for yourself during a personal tour.

If your search includes the Saratoga Springs, New York area, we invite you to consider The Wesley Community. Call us at (518) 587-3600 to schedule a visit!