Planned Technology Outage Notification | Wesley Health Care Center


Dear Residents, Family, and Staff of Wesley Health Care Center:

I am writing to inform you about an upcoming planned technology outage at Wesley Health Care Center, scheduled to occur on Monday, February 26, 2024. This outage is essential to facilitate maintenance work on our IT systems platform and is anticipated to last approximately 8 hours, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

During the scheduled outage, the following systems will be temporarily inaccessible: All internet-based programs, email, EMR and touchscreens, F:Drive, Spendmap, RXpertise/Meddispense, Healthstream, WorxHub, applications within the Wesley intranet, and all phone systems. Both incoming and outgoing calls will be nonfunctional throughout the facility, including resident room phone lines. It’s important to emphasize that the facility’s main power, encompassing cable, meal suite (dining program), and all life safety and fire safety systems, such as call lights and the wander guard system, will remain operational. Additionally, all sign-in and screening procedures at the main entrance will continue to function and will be mandatory upon entry. Normal operations are anticipated for all other services.

Here are the Temporary Department Contact Numbers: These numbers will be active only during the outage period and will be distributed to these areas in the early morning of 2/26/24 and recollected upon outage completion.

Wesley Reception Main Number: 518-316-1719Nursing Supervisor (3 pm – 4 pm only): 518-316-2401
Outpatient Therapy Main Number: 518-669-6085Maintenance Dept: 518-350-0033
2 Springs: 518-350-0121Admissions Dept. 518-429-3749
3 Springs: 518-580-3092Employee Health Dept: 518-350-0130
5 Springs: 518-350-0080Nutritional Services- Kitchen: 518-477-0305
2 Victoria: 518-430-6323Pharmacy Dept: 518-401-6426
3 Victoria: 518-350-0138Nursing Staffing Office: 518-487-0247
4 Victoria: 518-350-0136Housekeeping Dept: 518-409-5917
2 Hathorn: 518-316-9805Human Resources: 518-703-1410
3 Hathorn: 518-316-6321 

Discharges & Leave of Absences: To ensure a smooth operational transition on January 26, 2024, we kindly request that discharges and leave of absence be eliminated for this day only, unless they have been pre-planned, and all essential paperwork has been completed in advance.

Thank you,

Jessica Florio, Administrator