The Wesley Foundation’s Virutal Saratoga Grandparents Day

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The 6th Saratoga Grandparents Day Celebration


Join us for the 6th annual virtual Saratoga Grandparent’s Day as Wesley honors Grandparents of the Saratoga area and beyond! We invite you to nominate your loved ones to the Greatest Grandparents Club, class of 2022. All nominees will be honored on this page as a part of the class of 2022, and will receive an honorary gift through the mail.

All proceeds from this event will benefit The Nursing Scholarship Fund at The Wesley Community, a non-profit organization located in Saratoga Springs that cares for older adults. This fund provides scholarships to employees pursuing a higher level of nursing education. 

If you have any questions regarding this event, nominating your loved one or other ways to participate please reach out to Kally at kbstraus@thewesleycommunity.org or (518) 691-1420.

All nominees will be recognized as a part of the Class of 2022 Greatest Grandparents Club below!

The Greatest Grandparents Club

Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

Louanne Rice

My grandmother is a caring, loving, respectful and is a compassionate person. My grandmother and my grandfather love to hang out with me and my sister. She shows respect to her family and others around her. She loves taking me garage saling and hanging out. She loves everyone around her. She helps people that can’t do things for them self at her job. She enjoys hanging out with me when she can. I am thankful to have her as my grandmother. I love my family as much as love my grandma.

Annette Thieverge

My grandmother is a caring, loving, helpful, respectful, compassionate to her loved ones around her. She shows lots of respect even if it is helping her family or if its other people when she is in public. She is caring person when someone needs something. She loves when I take her around all the stores in Saratoga at Christmas time, or if it is just hanging out with family and friends. She enjoys taking care of her garden.

Dan and Kathie Swift

My Grandparents are the greatest because they do so much for me and my siblings. They give me rides to practice, watch my games and bring us to their lake house to kayak, paddleboard & tube. They are the sweetest and most hardworking grandparents ever. Lauren (12).

When my grandparents lived in the Berkshires before moving to Saratoga, they would take us to the museum. It was one of my favorite places to visit and my best memories. Sydney (10).

Oma & Papa take me to the library! Jack (7)

Joan Lane

My grandma Joan is the Greatest Grandparent because she is so caring. One of my favorite memories of her is when my sisters and I were younger she would always take us to Cold Stone for ice-cream and let us get the cupcakes to take home. She also is the BEST at making fried dough! Joan is a grandma of 7 and a great grandma of 4!

Misty Straus

Misty is the best grandma because she is so much fun! She always takes us out, shopping, and to the beach. Whenever she is around I am always laughing and smiling. I love my grandma!


Karen Rhodes

My grandma is the Greatest Grandparent because she is always by my side through all my biggest milestones. From helping me move into my first college dorm to my first apartment, she was there every step of the way! My grandma is a grandma of 7 and a great grandma of 3. She always makes each of us feel special. On our birthdays every year we get a phone call of her singing us happy birthday and she takes us out to dinner. My grandma is the GREATEST!


Class of 2021

Francine Barrett

Augustine Brickhouse

Carol Cogan

Sandra Crooks

Carol Hathaway

Gerard Hathaway

Theresa Mitchell

Chester Nebolini

Diane Nebolini

Mary Plado

Joanne Przepiora

Class of 2020

Penny Amato

Robert Dufort

Helen Gordon

Sid Gordon

George Gurtler

Jean Haskin

William Howard

John Jarvis

Martha King

Irv LaDucer

Barbara Pratt

Wally Pratt

Olive Sheeley

Class of 2019 (Inaugural Class)

John Choppy

Pamela Dufort

Ellen Hansen

Laura Hooks

Fred Hosley

Rita Hosley

Linda King

Michael Skura

Louise Terperning

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