Stories from Those Who call Springs Home

Steve’s Story

A photo of a gentleman in a blue hooded sweatshirt. He is a resident of Wesley Health Care Center who is named "Steve".

Steve, who served at sea in the US Navy, and as a Crypto Analyst in the Coast Guard, had a decorated military career which saw him participate in some high-level rescues and harrowing expeditions. Steve and his wife, Lynn, chose Wesley for his care and have become a beloved part of The Wesley Community.

A photo of a orange life preserver, which is one of the decorations in Steve's room. It includes the dates that Steve served in The U.S. Coast Guard.

Steve and Lynn spend time together during her visits in Steve’s residence on the recently renovated 5th floor of Springs. Steve is delighted with his surroundings and shares that one of his children who works in the medical field noted it “was one of the nicest long-term care settings” they had seen

The spacious and modern room he resides in has plenty of natural light and is seasonally decorated by his wife Lynn. The two enjoy socializing in the enhanced dining area or in one of the two lounges with fireplaces. These attractive spaces make a difference in Steve’s life, as well as Lynn’s, providing them with home-like comforts to spend time with each other, as well as family and friends who visit.

Steve encourages others to get behind the Campaign for Springs, which will help fund the renovations of the three remaining floors yet to be updated.

A photo of a gentleman in a US Coast Guard dress-uniform. The man is Steve, a resident of Wesley Health Care Center's Springs Building.

The Wesley Community has provided Steve with the care he needs, while staying close to Lynn, but also an updated and home-like space to share laughter, stories and time together.





Video: The Campaign for Springs – Steve, a resident of the newly renovated 5 Springs (Captioned)


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