Gift Ideas for Senior Living Residents

Looking for a gift for a family elder who lives in a senior living community? These tips can help!

A multi-generational family enjoying dinnertime fun at a kitchen counter. The eldest woman is offering a male child some snacks.

The holidays are almost here again! For most families, it’s a season of gatherings and celebrations. Many parties include a holiday gift exchange. If an older relative calls a senior living community “home,” you might be struggling to come up with a meaningful gift idea for them.

With every need catered to and a limited amount of storage space, buying a holiday gift for a senior living resident may require you to be a little more creative. We have a few ideas that may be helpful.

Holiday Gifts for Older Adults

For many seniors, the gift of your time is the most precious. Creating “experiences” for your family will likely be a big hit. Here are a few ideas for giving an experience gift:

  • Family day out: What kinds of hobbies and interests does your senior love one has? Are they a baseball fan? Love hitting the local mall? Fishing on the lake? Having a manicure and pedicure? Plan a family outing for several generations around an activity the senior enjoys.
  • Surprise holiday potluck: Most senior living communities, including The Wesley Community, have private dining rooms and spaces families can reserve. You can surprise your older relative with a holiday potluck for friends and loved ones. It gives the senior an opportunity to show off their family members to fellow residents, too.
  • Plan a game night: Multiple generations of the family can join in this one. Reserve a room at your loved one’s senior living community, and ask everyone to bring their favorite games. Don’t forget the snacks!
  • Create a personalized “coupon” book: Another fun idea is to put together individual coupons that your family member can trade in. Maybe one for computer lessons with a grandchild or a coupon for a night out at a local theatre.

Other gift ideas to consider this holiday season might be:

  • Gift cards and memberships: While some people find these to be impersonal, an older adult on a limited budget might really like receiving gift cards. It could be to their favorite clothing stores, restaurants, or even to the senior living community’s beauty/barber shop. You could also consider gifting them memberships to favorite destinations, such as the zoo, art museum, or Metroparks system.
  • Family scrapbook, calendar, or video: Creating a family keepsake makes for a memorable gift for years to come. Fortunately, technology has made that easier than ever to do. It may be a calendar printed with family photos and important family dates, such as anniversaries and birthdays, marked on it. A scrapbook of family photos or a video of favorite family celebrations are other ideas.
  • Gift of the month clubs: Keep the gifts coming all year by having a present delivered each month. Call a nearby florist and work out a monthly delivery schedule with them. If your relative likes fruit, there are many online options from which to choose. You can find a variety of monthly gift clubs to subscribe to on your family member’s behalf ranging from wine and chocolate to pies, pastas, and cookies.
  • For the birds: Connecting with feathered friends is a popular activity for people of all ages. An adult who lives in a senior living community can position a bird feeder outside a window near their favorite chair. Some feeders can be placed directly on the window. Buying the feeder along with some favorite treats to fill in with makes for a great holiday gift.
  • Weather monitoring center: Another activity that can be a fun intergenerational activity is to buy a weather monitoring station for your family elder. There are a variety of models with different features and price points. Most take up very little room. They allow the weather buff to track everything from the temperature and wind speed to the barometric pressure.

Visit The Wesley Community This Holiday Season

If you think an elder in your family would benefit from a move to a senior living community, the holidays might be an ideal time to discuss it. We understand, however, it can be a difficult discussion to begin. How to Talk to Your Parents about Senior Care Options has helpful tips for making the conversation a little easier.

Senior living communities are especially lively and festively decorated during the season. Call us at (518) 587-3600 to schedule a private tour!