Updates for Families | Wesley Health Care Center

June 14, 2024

Dear Residents, Family, and Staff of Wesley Health Care Center:


GREEN STATUS = Masking is encouraged but not required

Definition of GREEN STATUS: Facility-wide masking is encouraged and recommended but optional for all residents, visitors, and staff (except for individuals falling into the categories described below).

Masking requirements still in effect:

All staff members considered exposed to either a positive resident or staff COVID case are required to wear a surgical mask at all times while in the facility for 10 days following the date of exposure AND conduct routine testing on Day 1, Day 3 and Day 5 post-exposure through the Employee Health Office.


TOTAL COVID-19 CASES: The facility is considered in ‘outbreak status ‘until 6/23/2024.

  • Currently, the facility has 1 active positive resident case residing on 2 Hathorn.
  • Additionally, the facility currently has 2 positive staff cases.

Since the last notification on 6/7/2024, WHCC has identified two new COVID-positive staff cases from MDS and Pharmacy.

Please refer to the COVID-19 Exposure staff testing requirements posted on the Wesley Intranet under ‘Administrator Updates’ and posted at the Springs main entrance. Thank you for your continued efforts to follow safety protocols.


Jessica Florio, Administrator

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