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February 16, 2024

Dear Residents, Family, and Staff of Wesley Health Care Center:

                                                         FACILITY MASKING STATUS:

                                                     RED STATUS = MASKING AT ALL TIMES

Definition of RED STATUS: Masks are required for ALL individuals entering the nursing home at all times.

All visitors require a surgical mask or KN95 mask (KN95 masks are highly recommended).

Furthermore, in response to a significant surge in COVID cases specifically within the 2 Springs unit, it is mandatory for all personnel to wear N95 masks and eye protection while working in or visiting this area. Additionally, 2 Springs operations have temporarily changed. Please see below for more information.

                                                       COVID-19 UPDATE

TOTAL COVID-19 CASES: The facility is considered in ‘outbreak status’ until 2/28/24.

  • Currently, the facility currently has 18 active positive resident cases.
  • Additionally, the facility currently has 10 positive staff cases.

8 new Covid-19 positive resident cases were identified from 2S. All residents and their representatives have been notified. Outbreaking testing is occurring on affected units.

– 8 COVID- 19 Positive Residents reside on 2 Springs. 

– 2 COVID-19 Positive Residents Reside on 2 Hathorn.

9 new staff cases were identified from 2H, 3H, 2S, Inpatient Therapy, and Social Services since the last notification. Please refer to the COVID-19 Exposure staff testing requirements previously communicated and posted at the springs main entrance.


All personnel traveling or working on 2 Springs require eye protection and N95 masks to be worn at all times while on the unit. Visitors are required to use KN95 masks and eye protection at all times. For Staff, N95 masks should not be saved once removed, and should be sure to change masks after all breaks. A surgical mask should be worn over an N95 mask if entering any isolation room so that the N95 mask does not need to be discarded. Surgical masks should be discarded before exiting an isolation room. Face shields are preferred over goggles for eye protection. If you have not been fit tested for an N95 mask, please reach out to Cindy Pulver in Employee Health at 518-691-1429 to schedule a fit test.


  • Limit unnecessary travel to and from this unit.
  • Therapy services may continue however should always occur on the unit.
  • Housekeeping has initiated enhanced cleaning for all high-touch areas.
  • Cancellation of communal dining until further notice.
  • Group activities can continue with social distancing in the dining room (1 res. per table spaced apart) and mask if tolerated.
  • All individuals are encouraged to increase hand hygiene before and after entering all rooms and with all resident contact.
  • Spacing and limiting the number of residents in lounge for social distancing.
  • Resident masking is highly encouraged for those that will tolerate.


  • Visitors are required to wear a KN95 mask and eye protection at all times when visiting the 2 Springs unit.
  • Visitors should report to a nurse upon arrival to the unit to ensure proper PPE and isolation procedures can be followed related to their loved one.
  • Individuals who are visiting their loved one who is positive or symptomatic will be required to use gown and gloves in addition to eye protection and an enhanced mask. Visits should occur in the resident’s room as much as possible.
  • Changing gloves and gown and performing hand hygiene after each instance of resident contact is necessary to limit spread.
  • Visitors should NEVER enter a resident’s room who is on designated isolation without proper PPE. Please do not leave a resident’s room or unit without disposing of your gown and gloves first, while maintaining your mask and eye protection in place.
  • Visitors are asked to please consider limiting visits at this time to limit spread; however, visits can still occur.

Thank you for your continued efforts to follow safety protocols.


Jessica Florio, Administrator

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