Woodlawn Commons Assisted Living Update for Residents and Families

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May 15, 2023

Dear Woodlawn Commons Residents, Families, Staff and Friends:

With the CDC and World Health Organization declaring the end of the COVID-19 global health emergency on May 11, there are some changes coming to our policies regarding masking status. The end of the global health emergency carries with it the end of the monitoring of both the CDC Community Levels and the CDC Community Transmission Levels. New guidance issued by this organization recommends that congregate living environments, like Woodlawn Commons, use the hospitalization rate to drive their policies.

This rate has low, medium, and high designations. The hospitalization rate is low across the majority of the nation and is currently LOW in Saratoga County. We will maintain our system of GREEN, YELLOW, and RED based on this updated metric and will notify you of any changes in our status.

As always, our policies are driven by New York State Department of Health guidance and further changes may be forthcoming as they re-evaluate these new guidelines.

Based on the current hospitalization rate, we are currently GREEN.

As a reminder:

  • Per the NYS Department of Health, Adult Care Facilities are to monitor and adjust their polices based on recommendations by the CDC.
  • The CDC Hospitalization Rate for Saratoga County is a fluid metric that measures the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in the community and is updated weekly.

Because the population we serve is inherently high risk for COVID-19 (individuals over the age of 65), masks will still be required based on the following STATUS-based approach, reviewed weekly on Fridays, related to the current CDC Hospitalization Level and other factors:




  • GREENMasks are encouraged but optional for staff, residents, and visitors with the following exception – Residents can require staff, other residents, or visitors to be masked in their private apartments or when delivering care or services. This preference will go in the care plan in MyUnity for Assisted Living Residents.
  • YELLOWMasks are required for staff when providing care or services for ALL residents and optional for residents and visitors.
  • RED – Masks are required for staff, residents, and visitors. If an outbreak occurs KN95 Masks may be required.
  • Screening will still be conducted for all staff, residents, visitors, and vendors regardless of status.


  • 3 Confirmed Cases will move us to RED status regardless of the CDC Hospitalization Level.
  • 2 Confirmed Cases will move us to YELLOW status regardless of the CDC Hospitalization Level.

Status will be reviewed on Friday each week and be effective until the next CDC Update unless cases are identified.

The Director of Assisted Living and Director of Independent Living will be monitoring the CDC Hospitalization level weekly and communicating if there are any changes to be made to our facility operations based on these metrics.

As always, our residents’ safety and their right to live life their way is paramount. We take these guidelines very seriously and will be diligently monitoring any change to Hospitalization Levels, CDC guidelines, and infection rates to ensure we are making the best decision possible for everyone involved.

We strongly encourage everyone to make sure they are up to date on the most current COVID vaccines and boosters to reduce their risk of contracting this illness.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Pati Seber, Director of Independent Living at 518-691-1562, paseber@thewesleycommunity.org, Heather Roselan, Director of Assisted Living at 518-691-1672, haroselan@thewesleycommunity.org, or Judith Boyd-Nelson, RN Case Manager at 518-691-1572, jbnelson@thewesleycommunity.org.


Heather Roselan, Director of Assisted Living

Pati Seber, Director of Independent Living

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