A graphic containing an image of a modern sitting area. Overlaid is the logo for The Campaign for Springs, which features two people that form the trunk of a tree. THe slogan reads - Building the Future for Our Friends and Family.

You Can Help Raise Funds For This Campaign!

Looking for a fun way to get involved and make a difference in The Campaign for Springs? The Wesley Community invites you to join in the fundraising effort with an event that fits you! Our easy to use Do-It-Yourself fundraising initiative allows you to get involved and make a difference in a way that works best for your life.


A graphic of a group of walkers with copy that reads "Share a Step for Seniors."

Help to raise funds for The Campaign for Springs at The Wesley Community by walking, running or biking during the week of June 22nd – 26th. Each step and stride will help in our efforts to renovate floors 2, 3 and 4 at the Springs Building at Wesley Health Care Center — home to 138 long-term care residents. Visit the Share-a-Step page.


A graphic with a tea light candle and flower that reads "Pay tribute to their legacy."

For all of us at The Wesley Community, caring for those who have made their home in Saratoga is not only our purpose, it’s our promise. We are committed to fulfilling a vision of a premier, personalized experience that brings the comfort and confidence of home to those we care for, and those who love them. In nearly 50 years of operation, The Wesley Community and Wesley Health Care Center has been home to thousands of residents in various stages in their lives. We invite Family and friends of those who called Wesley home to host a fundraiser in their loved one’s honor or memory, and pay tribute to their legacy.


A colorful graphic with confetti and streamers that reads "Celebrate your event milestone."

Make a difference with your milestone events, like your birthday! Celebrating your special moments by making a difference in the lives of the residents that call the Springs building at Wesley Health Care Center home is a great way to give back and raise awareness!


A graphic with an excited group of people that reads "Create your own fundraiser."

The Wesley Community invites you to support The Campaign for Springs your own way! Do you enjoy baking and want to sell holiday treats to benefit Wesley? Or, maybe you own a restaurant and would like do host an evening of dining to benefit the campaign? We invite you to fundraise for The Campaign for Springs in a way that works for you.


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