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How To Help The Wesley Community During COVID-19

Many have asked how to help Wesley during this difficult time for our residents and our dedicated staff. Here are some ideas:

Ways You Can Help The Wesley Community During COVID-19:

  • Text WesleyCommunity to 855-735-2437 to make a donation to the COVID-19 Relief Fund from your mobile device. Your donation will help Wesley with costs incurred as we meet the challenges of the covid-19 pandemic.
  • Participate in, or donate to, Share a Step for Seniors, Wesley’s virtual fitness event that invites individuals of all ages to set a mileage goal for the week of June 19th through June 26th. Register for this event by visiting justgiving.com/campaign/shareastep and learn more about this fun, virtual way to set a goal and make a difference!
  • Make a donation to the Wesley Health Care Center Resident Enrichment Fund which provides resources to enhance the quality of life of Wesley Health Care Center residents. You can donate to this through the form below.
  • Make a donation to the Staff Emergency Fund which provides emergency resources to staff members of The Wesley Community during an unexpected time of need. You can donate to this through the form below.
  • Make a general donation to The Wesley Foundation through our General Fund. To meet the challenge COVID-19 presents, both today and in the future, Wesley is incurring significant costs beyond our normal operating budget. You can donate to the General Fund through the form below.
  • Make a donation of non-perishable food items, paper goods or toiletries. These items will be available for staff and independent residents who are in need or don’t have access to stores during their off-hours. Please call 518-691-1420 ahead of time before dropping off anything as we have strict campus visitation guidelines in effect and someone will need to meet you outside.
  • Purchase gift certificates in small increments from a local restaurant that we can use to order takeout for our dedicated staff. The staff is working diligently to keep residents safe and this would be a welcome treat. Please call ahead and let us know your plans so we can coordinate by calling 518-691-1420 or email foundation@thewesleycommunity.org.
  • If you would like to donate PPE (personal protective equipment), please email us at foundation@thewesleycommunity.org or call 518-691-1420. We have strict limitations on what can be used in a medical setting; however items may be of use in other areas of our campus. We can only accept unopened boxes of this type of equipment and will need to verify with our clinical team before accepting it.
  • If you would like to donate hand-made masks, we will make sure they are available to our independent living residents on campus who may not otherwise have access to these.
  • If you would like to donate cleaning supplies, we are accepting them. This includes Clorox/bleach wipes, hand sanitizer and non-latex gloves. Please email us at foundation@thewesleycommunity.org or call 518-691-1420. Please note that we can only accept unopened items.

If you have other ideas, give us a call at 518-691-1420 or email foundation@thewesleycommunity.org.

Thank you for thinking of us during this difficult time.

Please visit our donate page to make a contribution.

We also encourage you to support our local businesses in any way you can. Many of these community-minded businesses have supported our mission for many years. In addition, there are many non-profits that will be helping those affected by this event. Please do what you can to help others during this challenging time.

Ways to Contribute

Each year, residents and their families, staff and friends provide The Wesley Foundation with much-needed financial assistance through outright gifts of cash, securities, or other property. Outright gifts have an immediate impact and are used to support the current needs of the Wesley Community.

  • Gift of Cash or Gift by Check or Credit Card
  • Gift of Stock, Real Estate or Other Appreciated Assets
  • Gift of Tangible Personal Property
  • Matching Gifts
  • Memorial and Tribute Gifts
  • Planned Giving

Please visit our donate page to make a contribution.

The Wesley Community accomplishes its mission through independent and assisted living options, affordable housing, long-term nursing care, short-term rehabilitation and home care services, and is here for all members of the community when needed.

We are home to more than 700 residents, and our staff of more than 600 is committed to providing quality care and a compassionate atmosphere for our residents, clients and  families who need our help.

Thank you for making a difference; our residents, our volunteers and our entire staff appreciate your support!

Why Give to the Wesley Foundation?

When asked, our donors expressed numerous reasons for giving to The Wesley Foundation. Here are just a few.

“We have family at Wesley and see the compassion in the way they are cared for. It felt right to give something back in appreciation.”

“Our parents enjoyed living there. Our gift was given in their honor to a fund that impacted them. We want others to benefit like they did.”

“Helping others makes me feel good. My experience with the staff and the way they treated my husband made me want to support what they do. I only wish it could be more.”

Please make a decision to positively impact the lives of those in The Wesley Community. With over 700 residents, almost 600 employees and hundreds of clients, your financial support will truly affect all their lives. We need your help!

Your Donation Can Make A Difference

Through support from generous donors, The Wesley Community is able to enhance specialty programs, purchase equipment, support facility upgrades and strengthen our services to not only meet the many needs of our residents and clients, but to enhance their quality of living. At The Wesley Community, we strive to make sure each and every client feels like they’re at home in a warm and nurturing environment. Our senior care is second to none, as we are one of the leading senior living providers in Saratoga Springs NY! We urge you to schedule a tour of our community, or make a donation so our team can continue to enhance the senior living apartments and more for our loved senior members of the Saratoga Springs community.

Contact us at (518) 691-1420 or foundation@thewesleycommunity.org.

Please visit our Donate page to make a contribution.

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