The Wesley Community 30 Year Club

Thank you to this group of employees who have served with dedication and compassion for more than 30 years at The Wesley Community. Our residents, their families and your colleagues have all benefited from your commitment!

Image of headshots of the employees who have worked there fro 30 years or more with 30-year club written in the middle

Row 1: Brian Nealon, Bob Yandow, Michael Salisbury, Patty Woodcock, Cathy Grabo, Pati Wade, Lynn Long, Katy Bergh

Row 2: Bert Killenberger, Diane Famiano, Charlene Howard, Carolyn Waite, Cliff Van Wagner, Linda Wilcox, Denise Rogner, Mary Thibeault, Leslie Fettinger

Not Pictured: Linda Longo, Mary Hansen, Deb Clute, Deborah McCarthy, Maria Brackett, Susan Asbell, Kelley Richmond