The Erwine L. Levine Event Series Presents: “She Called Him Raymond” by Ray O’Conor

"She Called Him Raymond" by Ray O'Conor.
“She Called Him Raymond” by Ray O’Conor.

On May first, author Ray O’Conor joined Wesley residents in Embury Café to discuss the writing of his new book, “She Called Him Raymond.” In his presentation, Mr. O’Conor provided a glimpse into the true story of two ordinary people who led extraordinary lives during the most tumultuous period in history. He shared the story behind the story, discussing how it was unearthed, the risks taken to pursue it, the extraordinary people he met along the way, and the discoveries no one could have predicted. Many thanks to Ray O’Conor for presenting his fascinating story to the residents of The Wesley Community.

(L-R) Brian Nealon (CEO), Katelyn Donovan (Foundation), Ray O'Conor, Greg Dixon (Foundation Director).
(L-R) Brian Nealon (CEO), Katelyn Donovan (Foundation), Ray O’Conor, Greg Dixon (Foundation Director).

Erwin L. Levine Events are presented on a regular basis to The Wesley Community’s independent residents and are funded by The Wesley Foundation to honor the memory of its Frst president, Erwin L. Levine, PhD. The events include theatrical presentations, educational lectures, musical programs, and other presentations of interest to members of our senior community. The mission of The Wesley Foundation is to enhance the quality of life of our residents.