Woodlawn Commons Mardis Gras Celebration

Each year Woodlawn Commons hold a festive Mardis Gras celebration for residents. Mardi Gras changes dates each year because it is connected to Easter, which also changes dates each year. However, Mardi Gras always falls exactly 47 days before Easter. This year, Mardi Gras fell on Tuesday, March 1. Each year, Carnival begins on January 6, or the Feast of the Epiphany and ends on Mardi Gras

Some photos from the Woodlawn Commons Mardi Gras celebration are below. Thank you to Woodlawn’s Life Enrichment Team for this fun party!

Two senior girlfriends in Mardis Gras Masks A senior gentleman celebrating Mardis Gras.A woman posing in a mask. A woman in a Mardis Gras mask. A woman sitting at a table in a Mardis Gras mask. Two senior women posing for a Mardis Gras picture. A senior couple celebrating Mardis Gras in masks. A senior and her aide in Mardis Gras Masks. A senior couple in Mardis Gras Masks.