Wesley Staff and Residents Support Operation Adopt A Soldier

From March into April, The Wesley Community collected donations on campus for the Operation Adopt A Soldier Program. Operation Adopt A Soldier’s mission is to positively impact the lives of tens of thousands of Active, Reserve, Guard, Retired, Homeless, and Wounded Service members and their families around the world. This is achieved through a variety of donations, which go directly to those the program serves.
After a month of collecting donations on campus, the team loaded up the Operation Adopt A Soldier truck with 21 boxes of donated items from Wesley Health Care Center alone. They then went to Embury Apartments, Senior Solutions and Woodlawn Commons to pick up more donations!
Thank you to Wesley’s staff, residents and visitors for their generosity and support, not only of the Operation Adopt A Soldier Program, but to the Jenks family as well. The collection was coordinated in memory of their daughter and sister, Spc. Abigail Jenks.
A group of people standing in front a of a box truck.
Pictured is (L-R) Cliff from Operation Adopt A Soldier, Esther (Mary’s daughter), Mary, Anthony (Mary’s son) and Mike from Operation Adopt A Soldier.