Wesley Health Care Center Announces Britni Thompson, RN, as Assistant Director of Nursing

Wesley Health Care Center is very pleased to announce that Britni Thompson, RN, has accepted the position of the Assistant Director of Nursing, effective December 1, 2021.

As the 5 Springs Unit Coordinator, Britni has demonstrated great clinical skills, hands on care and exceptional leadership. Britni demonstrates all of Wesley’s Core Values and will be a wonderful addition to the Nursing Administration team. Britni has been a member of the Wesley Health Care Center team since 2012. Britni became certified as a CNA in 2012 then worked as an LPN in 2014 working on 3 Springs. In 2015, Britni took on a new role as an EMR clinical lead, demonstrating exceptional proficiency in technology and strategic project management during the implementation of the Electronic Medical Record.

We look forward to Britni continuing to drive quality improvements and a strong culture of collaboration and positivity at Wesley Health Care Center.