Sienna College Women’s Lacrosse Team Visits Wesley

Many thanks to the Siena College women’s lacrosse team for sharing their time at Wesley’s Woodlawn Commons on Friday, April 20. The Siena Saints made and served ice cream sundaes to residents while they all enjoyed mingling and laughs.

The ice cream social was a popular event with the residents. “I think this is absolutely wonderful,” said Woodlawn Commons resident Eileen Williams. “I have granddaughters and I think it’s terrific to get to spend some quality time with these beautiful young ladies.”

The lacrosse players shared a similar sentiment.

“We’ve always been involved with community service but it’s great to be able to take a step back from game and practice mode to do something like this for the residents,” said senior lacrosse player Kaitlin Handley. “It’s a very humbling experience and we’re happy to spend a little time out of our day with these wonderful people.”

Thank you again to the Sienna Saints women’s lacrosse team!

The Siena College women's lacrosse team.
The Siena College women’s lacrosse team at Woodlawn Commons.


Residents and Sienna teamates enjoying the ice cream social.
Residents and Sienna teammates enjoying the ice cream social.


Sienna women's lacrosse players make sundaes for Woodlawn Commons residents.
Sienna women’s lacrosse players make sundaes for residents of Woodlawn Commons.