Saratoga Grandparents Day – The Greatest Grandparents Club 2021

Thank you to everyone who joined Wesley for the 5th Annual Virtual Saratoga Grandparent’s Day! Each year Wesley honors Grandparents of the Saratoga area and beyond through a virtual day of generational celebration and announcement of the Greatest Grandparents Club. Thank you to everyone who nominated a grandparent to the Greatest Grandparents Club, class of 2021. All nominees are honored in this ceremony style video, which was played live on September 12th, Saratoga Grandparents Day. Enjoy performances by the Saratoga Children’s Theatre & Spa City Theatre, the Racing City Chorus and more!

All proceeds from this event will benefit The Nursing Scholarship Fund at The Wesley Community. This fund provides scholarships to employees pursuing a higher level of nursing education. 

Thank you to our sponsors!
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