Saratoga Grandparents Day Goes VIRTUAL for 2020

The Fourth Annual Saratoga Grandparents Day is Going Virtual!

Senior couple using a laptop on the couch.

Join us for the 4th Annual Saratoga Grandparent’s Day through a virtual day of generational celebration. While we are social distancing to keep our loved ones safe, The Wesley Community understands the importance of family and Grandparents! We invite you to nominate your loved ones to the Greatest Grandparents Club, Class of 2020. Simply tell us why your Grandparent(s) is so special! They will be honored with a ceremony style video that will air on The Wesley Community’s Facebook Page on Sunday, September 13th, and will receive an honorary gift through the mail.

How to nominate your Grandparent(s) to Saratoga’s Greatest Grandparents Club:

  • Visit the Saratoga Grandparents Day Page.
  • Tell us briefly why your Grandparent is the Greatest Grandparent.
  • Upload a photo of them or a 30 second video describing how special your grandparent(s) is.

That’s it! Nominations close on Monday, September 1st at 4 pm.

Follow along on the Saratoga Grandparents Day Facebook Event Page HERE.

Submission is free; however donations are encouraged.
All proceeds from this event will benefit The Wesley Community, a non-profit organization located in Saratoga Springs that cares for older adults.