RN Leadership Program Recognition

A group of nurses holding awards and smiling for the camera in a hallway.

The RN Leadership Team, including Nursing Administration, RN Unit Coordinators and RN Charges completed a 6 day RN Leadership Program focusing on key leadership areas in their role including, but not limited to, Management tools, Data Collection and Analysis, Quality Assurance, Reimbursement, Documentation as well as survey preparedness. This was a great learning opportunity to continue to add tools to our leadership toolbox and grow as leaders. They received recognition at our Leadership Committee meeting and received a Certificate to highlight their accomplishments.

Please congratulate,

Jana Matney, Director of Nursing

Jenna Lord, Assistant Director of Nursing

Julie Alsante, 2H Unit Coordinator

Jillian Borntraeger, 2H RN Charge

Kathryn Breen, 2H RN Charge

Amy Griffith, 3H Unit Coordinator

Verner Reed, 3H RN Charge

Natalia Moon, 2S RN Unit Coordinator

Glenn Jones, 2S RN Charge

Alicia Opalka, 3S RN Unit Coordinator

Elgin Gunther, 3S RN Charge

Kelli DeMarsh, 4S RN Unit Coordinator

Kelly Beesaw, 4S RN Charge

Britni Thompson, 5S Unit Coordinator

Diane Mcmorris, 4V RN Unit Coordinator

Kelley Ramsey, 3V RN Unit Coordinator

April Stark, 2V RN Unit Coordinator