THe Wesley Community as seen from the air. A series of buildings, including two 14 story towers, surrounded by an abundance of green areas.

Letter to Embury Residents, Families and Friends

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June 3, 2020

Dear Embury Residents, Family, and Friends,

We are so appreciative of those who continue to work diligently towards maintaining a healthy Wesley Community.  It certainly is not easy to remember to wear a mask, keep it on properly, stay at least 6 ft from one another and wash your hands repeatedly. It is not in our nature to be so closed off and distant. It definitely requires patience and understanding.

We recognize that some residents and families have struggled more than others with the changes, especially with visitation restrictions and limits on gatherings.  Please understand, that we continue these actions to protect the residents and staff at Embury.  Congregate housing is very vulnerable to virus spread if it should occur. Thus far, our efforts to safeguard Embury residents and indeed all those on the Wesley Campus have proven successful!

With the warm weather season upon us, Embury’s wonderful resident volunteers are hard at work taking care of the gardens surrounding the two towers. The gardens are looking great and the volunteers have been careful to follow guidelines and work singularly or at a distance.   If you see one of our volunteer gardeners out working, please take a moment to say thank you and admire their work, social distancing, of course! The Community Garden is operating under new social distancing guidelines and it is wonderful to see people working in the garden beds.  Embury residents are truly enjoying being outside.

To support those that would like to enjoy some fresh air we are opening up the benches surrounding Embury for singular seating only. The benches will be wrapped on one end.  Please do not move the benches or remove the wrap.  In addition, we continue to ask that people not gather, especially at the entrances of the towers.   The entrances need to be clear for emergency entrance and exit if needed.

In continuation of limiting visits to essential need only, the staff is happy to deliver items that are dropped off for residents at the screening table in the East Tower.  Residents do have the option of taking a shopping cart outside to pick up items at the curb.

Some residents have been asking about hairdresser/barber services resuming on campus. It will be quite some time before the salons open and the cosmetologists return.  Looking forward to the future, new policies and procedures are being developed in regards to the salons. Embury residents have the option, of course, to make appointments in the surrounding community once salons and barber shops reopen.

If you plan to travel on vacation with family, we ask that you self monitor for symptoms upon your return and take your temperature at least once a day. Should you have a fever or feel ill, please notify your physician. If you travel by air,  rail,  or go to a place where the virus is or has been prevalent, we ask that you self quarantine for 14 days, in addition to monitoring for fever or other symptoms.

It seems like we are giving many directives these days, but we do so with the best intentions. We look forward to the day where we reopen and we are hoping and working towards the goal of when that day comes all those that are here today will be there to celebrate.


Donna Riendeau, BSN, RN, Program Director/Health Advisor

April Varnam, Operations Director


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