Wesley Alzheimer’s Engagement Coach Carl Picioccio’s Collection of Family Art Displayed

A painting of a small town shop with trees.

Each month the The Wesley Community Art Gallery features a different local artist for residents and visitors to enjoy. The gallery is located on the first floor of the Victoria Building at Wesley Health Care Center.

The current display is comprised of Wesley Alzheimer’s Engagement Coach Carl Picioccio’s personal art collection of family artists. The beauty of Carl’s hometown of Lake Luzerne, NY is a common theme, among others.

Carl’s Uncle Jack had a lifelong career around his love of art, including doing illustration work for Disney World. Carl’s Aunt Ave turned a hobby into her own summertime souvenir shop in Lake Luzerne called McGay’s Hobby House. The shop sold her paintings along with Lake Luzerne cedar souvenirs and decorative items. Carl’s Uncle Denis Lamarche of Canada found art as a retirement hobby.

The family’s artistic gene did not skip the younger generations. Carl’s sister has made family handmade cards with stamping and airbrushing. In high school and college Carl created work with pastels and acrylics. Now, Carl’s Nephew Colin Dunham will soon be attending the College for Art with a large portfolio of work already completed.

Thank you to Carl for putting this beautiful collection on display! Enjoy the slideshow of their work below…

Featured Artists: Avier S. McGay, Jacob Weinperl, Denis Lamarche, Jill Picioccio-Keef, Colin Dunham

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