20 Years of Wesley/YMCA Intergenerational Preschool Partnership

Members of Wesley and the Saratoga YMCA posing for a photo.
Wesley CEO, Brian Nealon (L) and Saratoga YMCA CEO, Andrew Bobitt (R), with Wesley and YMCA Intergenerational Preschool Staff.

The Wesley Community and the Saratoga Region YMCA are celebrating over twenty years of our Intergenerational Preschool partnership. Students at the YMCA’s Wesley Intergenerational Learning Center enjoy a unique balance between a great preschool atmosphere and meaningful time with older adults. Thirty minutes of each class day, the students and older adults are brought together to interact, engage, support, educate and care for one another. The bonds that are created help students grow and become kind, well-balanced youth as they develop an excitement and joy for learning. Wesley residents are also enriched by their time together with the kids doing fun activities and sharing knowledge and experience.