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June 2, 2023

Dear Residents, Family, and Staff of Wesley Health Care Center:


For the week of 5/27/23 thru 6/2/23, Wesley Health Care Center has identified two new COVID-positive staff cases. One staff member had resident care or services responsibilities on 4 Victoria, and the other staff member had no resident care or services responsibilities. 4 Victoria will continue testing per Outbreak testing protocols.


2 Springs no longer requires the use of eye protection and an N95 mask (this was effective 5/26/23). Thank you to our 2 Springs care team members, our housekeeping team, and visitors for continuing to follow our procedures and protocols to mitigate the spread of the virus. 2 Springs has resumed normal operations.

STAFF TESTING REQUIREMENTS: Staff members who worked on units with exposures to COVID require routine testing to be conducted onsite at Wesley. Staff should refer to their email and The Wesley Web under ‘Administrator Updates’ for further staff COVID requirements and staff testing related to active cases.

FACILITY STATUS: The facility is considered in ‘outbreak status’ until 6/14/2023.

  • At this time, the facility currently has 0 active positive resident cases.
  • Additionally, the facility currently has 3 positive staff cases.


Masking is still required by all individuals entering the nursing home at all times. Wesley Health Care Center is awaiting Department of Health guidance related to masking procedures at this time.

Thank you for your continued efforts to follow safety protocols.


Jessica Florio


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