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May 24, 2022

Dear Residents, Family, and Staff of Wesley Health Care Center:

Wesley Health Care Center has identified two COVID-positive staff since the last notification on 5/23/22. One staff member has resident care and services responsibilities on 3 Hathorn. The other staff member provides resident services throughout each unit. Staff should refer to their email and The Wesley Web under ‘Administrator Updates’ for further staff COVID requirements related to these cases.


  • The facility is considered in ‘outbreak status’ until 6/6/22, end of day.
  • At this time, the facility currently has 11 total active positive resident cases who reside on 2 Hathorn & 3 Hathorn. 1 additional positive 3 Hathorn resident currently resides at the hospital. We released 2 residents from quarantine today.
  • Additionally, the facility has a total of 7 positive staff cases. We released 3 staff members from quarantine today.


Nursing Staff members will conduct resident testing for all residents on the following units, on the following dates.

All units quarantine periods have been extended. All testing results conducted on 5/23 are pending.

Quarantine Unit(s)Outbreak Testing Scheduled on:Outbreak Testing Scheduled on:Outbreak Testing Scheduled on:14-day Period Quarantine End Date
3 Hathorn5/23/225/26/225/31/226/5/22
2 Springs5/23/225/26/225/31/226/5/22
2 Victoria5/23/225/26/225/31/226/5/22
2 Hathorn5/23/225/26/225/31/226/5/22
4 Victoria5/23/225/26/225/31/226/5/22
3 Victoria5/23/225/26/225/31/226/5/22
5 Springs5/23/225/26/225/31/226/5/22


Jessica Florio


Coronavirus Updates Home