THe Wesley Community as seen from the air. A series of buildings, including two 14 story towers, surrounded by an abundance of green areas.

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October 13, 2021

Dear Residents, Family and Staff of Wesley Health Care Center:

The Wesley Community completed the final round of facility-wide testing on Monday, 10/11/21 with all residents negative for COVID-19. At this time there is no future facility-wide Resident or Staff testing scheduled unless a positive resident or staff case is identified. Additionally, Wesley has completed the 14-day quarantine period as of today, 10/13/21 and no units are currently under quarantine at this time. Wesley currently has 0 positive residents and 0 positive staff members.

Staff Testing Update: Staff testing is completed as of today, Oct. 13, however in the event of one positive resident or staff case, weekly testing will be required for all staff and vendors on-site once again, no matter their vaccination status. For all future staff testing requirements, individuals identified to not comply with the weekly testing compliance will forfeit any incentive received in that pay period.

New Visitor Entry Procedures:  There are a few new updates to Wesley’s entry process that I would like to make everyone aware of starting on Thursday, October 14, 2021.

  • Resident food items: All resident food items being brought in by visitors (including takeout) will need to be labeled at the door prior to it going up to the unit. Please utilize blank labels provided at the vestibule table at the Springs main entrance for easy transcribing of resident name and date and place directly on food items. Additionally, an educational handout will be required to be given to all visitors bringing in food from the community. This handout can also be found in the binder at the vestibule table.
  • Resident item drop off: All resident items require a Personal Possessions Inventory Log to be completed for Loss Prevention which will be scanned into your loved one’s medical chart. Please complete and place directly with your items upon drop off. Blank copies of the inventory log can be found in the binder located at the drop off vestibule location at the Springs main entrance. Please feel free to take extra blank copies for future resident deliveries.

Staff/Vendor PPE Requirement Updates: All Units no longer require staff and vendors to wear eye protection all times. Thank you to everyone for being compliant with this requirement.

Resident Flu and Booster Updates:  All eligible residents who were interested in getting the Pfizer booster vaccine will be getting the booster this week on Thursday, 10/14/21. Additionally, all residents will be offered the Flu vaccine on Monday, October 25, 2021. Unit Coordinators are currently gathering consents from all residents/resident representatives for the flu vaccine. If you do not hear from our team regarding Flu vaccine by Friday, 10/15, please contact your unit coordinator.

Staff Flu and Booster Updates: The Inpatient Therapy Gym will be converted from a staff testing location to a Staff Vaccine Clinic as of Monday, 10/18/21. The Employee Health Office will be facilitating the roll-out of both the Flu and Booster vaccines for Staff members.

Please note that a minimum of a 10-day window is required between receiving the flu vaccine and the Pfizer vaccine booster as recommended by our Medical Director.

The COVID-19 Pfizer Booster Vaccine will be offered to staff eligible on the following dates in the inpatient therapy gym:

10/19/21 –      For staff members currently eligible with the first letter of their last name between A – J

Hours of Operation: 1p – 4p

10/26/21 –      For staff members currently eligible with the first letter of their last name between L – P

Hours of Operation: 7a – 11 a

11/2/21 –        For staff members currently eligible with the first letter of their last name between R  – Z

Hours of Operation: 7a – 11a

Please note that only an allotted amount of vaccine doses will be obtained according to the number of staff responses received from the recent survey inquiry, however if you didn’t respond and are now interested in receiving the Pfizer booster vaccine, or if you can’t attend the designated dates/times listed above, please contact Cindy Pulver, Employee Health Coordinator by Friday, 10/15/21 at 518-691-1429.

The Flu Vaccine will be offered to staff on the following dates in the inpatient therapy gym:

  • 10/18/21 Hours of Operation: 7a – 11a & 1p – 4p
  • 10/19/21 Hours of Operation: 7a – 11a
  • 10/20/21        Hours of Operation: 7a – 11a

Staff interested in obtaining the flu vaccine outside of these dates/times please contact the Employee Health Coordinator at 518-691-1429. Any staff not interested in receiving the flu vaccine must have a signed declination on file with our Employee Health Office. Staff members can stop by the Employee Health office at any time to complete these.


Jessica Florio


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