Resident Leave of Absence Guidelines for Wesley Health Care Center

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Please see the PDF attachment below related to off-site visitation and the steps required by residents and families/friends to have a resident leave the facility for social visits or outings:

WHCC Resident Off-Site Leave of Absence and Off-Unit Travel Guidelines 3-28-2022

3-31-2022 Notification and Reminders:

March 31, 2022

Re: Leave of Absence Process and Off-Unit Guidelines

Dear Residents, Families and Friends of the Wesley Health Care Center,

In an effort to prepare for the spring and summer months when family gatherings, resident travel or external community events are expected to increase, here is a friendly reminder regarding our leave of absence procedures. Please remember that advanced notice must be given to the RN Unit Coordinator prior to a resident leaving or being transported from the facility for any duration of time to ensure resident safety. It is Wesley Health Care Center’s responsibility to make sure residents are transported in a safe manner when leaving the facility.

  • At least a one-week notice is required to ensure all policy steps are completed prior to any leave of absence from the facility.
  • A resident will not be able be transported off-site if the resident representative/driver has not met the safety requirements and completed a one-time training for transportation. This is a one-time requirement for a car transfer evaluation that is to be completed annually for any family or friend who transports their loved one in their vehicle, unless there is a change of condition with your loved one’s status.
  • Extended training may be required by our therapy team to achieve a safe car transfer.
  • Same day requests are highly discouraged and may not be achievable based on a loved one’s abilities and team members’ availability.

Families & friends planning to take their loved one off-campus must complete the below steps:

  1. Provide notice of the planned leave date, pick up time and return date directly to the RN Unit Coordinator. Please go online to: https://www.thewesleycommunity.org/category/coronavirus-updates/ to obtain RN Unit Coordinator contact information.
  2. At the time of the notification, a therapy referral will be entered with your name and contact information. The Therapy Director will contact you for scheduling the evaluation shortly after. Resident and driver need to be available at the time of the scheduled evaluation.
  3. A successful car transfer must be demonstrated by resident and driver prior to any future outings.
    1. If your loved one requires a mechanical lift, the family/friend would require a wheelchair accessible van for transportation and still conduct this training to demonstrate they can secure their loved one safely. Wesley Health Care Center encourages families to utilize a professional Transportation Service such as Star Bus, Amazing Grace or other vendors. If a resident or family chooses to utilize a professional transportation service, no therapy evaluation is needed, however advanced notice is still required to be given to the Unit Coordinator.

If you have transported your loved one in prior years, and have not been reassessed this year, this must be re-evaluated prior to any future outings. The Therapy Department is actively coordinating evaluations. If you would like to be evaluated for an upcoming leave of absence where you will be transporting your loved one, please speak with your Unit Coordinator. Please know that Wesley Health Care Center does have the right to deny a request for a resident to leave the facility if the car transfer evaluation has not been completed or the resident or resident representative refuses or fails to meet the safety requirement for transportation. Same day outing requests cannot be accommodated. 

Please remember that all residents require the family member to sign their loved one out prior to leaving the unit to ensure your loved one’s whereabouts are documented. If you do not plan to return upon the expected date and time, please contact your loved one’s unit to notify them of this change.

To learn more about Wesley’s Resident Leave of Absence Policy and Procedure, as well as quarantine requirements, please go online to: https://www.thewesleycommunity.org/general/wesley-health-care-center-off-site-visit-guidelines-for-residents-families/.  


Wesley Health Care Center is responsible for the safety of all residents and must evaluate and approve residents to leave the unit or travel off-campus independently. With the spring and summer months upon us, an increase in residents traveling among the facility and campus is expected. As a reminder to all residents and their resident representatives, the interdisciplinary team must evaluate a resident prior to a resident independently traveling off-unit or around/off-campus. This is also a one-time assessment with our therapy department that is conducted yearly or with a resident change of status to ensure a resident can safely and independently travel around the facility and meets criteria necessary to ensure their safety. Independent residents who have traveled off-unit or off-campus in prior years, must be re-evaluated again this year. The therapy department is actively coordinating evaluations. If you would like to be evaluated for independent travel off-unit or off-campus, please speak with your Unit Coordinator.

To learn more about Wesley’s Resident Off-Unit and Outdoor Guidelines, as well as Courtyard requirements, please go online to: https://www.thewesleycommunity.org/general/wesley-health-care-center-off-site-visit-guidelines-for-residents-families/

It is highly encouraged that those approved to transport their loved one-off campus or residents who have been approved to travel off-campus, have a cell-phone available to them at all times during their outing and provide this to the unit in which they resident, should the need arise for the facility to reach them, or an emergency occurs. Families are encouraged to discuss this with their loved one for those that travel independently.

Thank you for your understanding of these requirements as we work to keep our Residents safe.


Jessica Florio, Administrator


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