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Skype Guidance For Families Of Wesley Health Care Center Residents

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Family Guidance for Skype Video Calls with Residents

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Family Guidance for Skype Video Calls with Residents

Updated 7/30/2020 – Please note that this information is for Skype visits only. Please see Current WHCC Visitation Guidelines for more details on scheduling window visits.

Wesley will continue to accommodate Skype visits for families, as we know how much these virtual visits have positively impacted families and their loved ones. Skype Visits are available Wednesday and Thursday each week from 1 pm thru 5 pm, with 10-minute visits. Appointments must be scheduled 24 hours in advance and a confirmation will be emailed to you. Please know that our Life Enrichment Team is doing everything they can to accommodate everyone’s needs.

New Skype Visit Schedule


2 Springs            1p – 2p

3 Springs            2p – 3p

4 Springs            3p – 4p

5 Springs            4p – 5p


3 Hathorn         1p – 2p

2 Victoria         2p – 3p

3 Victoria         3p – 4p

4 Victoria         4p – 5p

2V, 3V, 4V, 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S, 3H Skype visits need to be pre-scheduled by going online to:

The Access Code is: WesL3y


For 2 Hathorn Only:

2 Hathorn is currently a unit that accepts all new admissions and readmissions under quarantine and will not be able to participate in any in-person visits. Due to this, additional Skype visits have been made available specifically for 2H residents and families, which will be available Monday thru Friday, 1 pm – 4:30 pm.

2H Skype visits need to be pre-scheduled by going online to:

The Access Code is: WesL3y


Other details:

When you schedule the call, you will receive a confirmation email where you will find the username that you will be calling. It is essential that you are prompt with your call. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide extended time if you are late to your appointment as another resident may be waiting to speak to their loved ones during a scheduled time.

There is a unique Skype Username assigned to each call. You will see this username to the right of the date and time, to the left of the “sign up” slot for the unit that you have chosen to sign up for. Take note of this, as you will be placing the call in to this username to complete the call to your loved one.

The username you will be assigned will be one of two: “Wesleycomm107” or “Wesleycomm109”. In addition to noting the username upon sign up, the username you will place the skype call to will also be specified in your confirmation e-mail.

 What you can expect when you call:

  • You will be asked to call the Skype name assigned to your resident’s floor.
  • You will need the floor username listed above (it will also be given to you in your confirmation email from SignUpGenius).
  • We will create a quiet, private space for you to visit with the resident.
  • You will have ten minutes to visit.
  • At the 9 minute mark, we will provide a reminder that there is one minute left. Thank you for your understanding of this as we would like to provide this opportunity to as many residents as possible, as often as possible.

Please remember, this is only guidance with reference to Skype videoconferencing. You are still able to call and talk with your loved one on the telephone, with the same guidelines that have always been in place.

With any questions, please email or call 518-691-1480

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