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Share a Valentine’s Day Holiday Video Greeting (Instructions)

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Share a Valentine’s Day holiday video greeting to send some love to your family and friends here at The Wesley Community.

A senior woman holding out an ipad with her family on it.

Although you may not be able to visit your loved one in person right now, you can record and send a video message. In addition to the opportunity to schedule video calls, we are offering you the option to submit a video greeting. We will be sure to share your personal message and well wishes with your loved one.

Please be sure to include the Resident’s initials (not their full name), Building, Room Number and who the video is from.

Instructions for sending a video file from your smartphone or computer:

1. Visit

2. Add your file. Files can be up to 2 GB in size. As an example, a 30 second greeting recorded on an iPhone is about 50 MB (1/4 of 2GB). We encourage you to record a greeting of 2 minutes or less to ensure it is under the file size limits.


3. Email the file to:


4. Add your email address.


5. Add in the message – Resident initials (not their full name), Building, Room Number and who the video is from. 


6. Click the TRANSFER button. You may receive a request to check your email for a verification code. Simply check your email and input this code into the verification request screen.

7. You will receive an automated reply from WeTransfer when we download the file.

8. We will deliver the video message as soon as practical via our Life Enrichment Team.

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