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November 15, 2022

Re: Holiday Safety and LOA Protocol

Dear Residents, Families and Friends of the Wesley Health Care Center,

In an effort to prepare for the upcoming holidays and family gatherings, and the ongoing concern for the rapid spread of the bivalent COVID variant in the State of New York, Wesley would like to send a friendly reminder regarding safety procedures and locations for family gatherings within the facility. For everyone’s safety, Wesley cannot emphasize enough that masking compliance by all visitors is a requirement while on campus at all times. Resident masking is required by all residents traveling off the unit for any reason. As a reminder, visitor testing is still required at the Springs Main Entrance per NYS DOH regulations.


Wesley must ensure that physical distancing can be maintained during peak times of visitation (e.g., lunch time, after business hours, etc.).

Due to this, the following requirements are in place:

  • Communal dining spaces are limited to one visitor per resident during all meal service activities. During mealtimes (8a – 9a, 12p -1p, 5p -6p), if more than one visitor is present, visitors are asked to visit with their loved one in the resident’s room and not in the communal dining areas.
  • If possible, utilize a lounge or private area to share a meal with your loved one away from other residents.
  • Visitors are asked to please refrain from sharing a meal with their loved one in the communal dining area with other residents unmasked. A visiting space can be utilized as described below.


An off-unit visiting space has been created in the Main Activities room on the ground floor in the Springs building for our residents and their visitors. Please ask the Springs receptionist upon entry to direct you to this location.

The Main Activities room visiting space, is a first come, first serve space off of the unit with no pre-scheduled appointments necessary. This space will be available Thursday, 11/24/22 through Sunday, 11/27/22 to ensure a safe space for visitors and their loved ones. Please remember that masks are still required at all times, unless eating or drinking.


We are asking out of an abundance of caution that visitors consider limiting the number of visitors at one time on the unit.  Large gatherings of over 4 visitors at a time are not recommended to occur on the unit, and we ask that the Main Activities room, Springs Courtyard, Civalier Conference room, or Resident Lounges be utilized to ensure social distancing occurs. Visitor travel to other units at this time is not recommended. Residents residing on quarantined units are asked to not leave their unit during their quarantine period and conduct visits in their room or in an isolated area on the unit while following masking requirements.


Please remember that advanced notice must be given to the RN Unit Coordinator prior to a resident leaving the facility for a short or long period of time. Wesley requests that any family planning to take their loved  one  home  for  Thanksgiving  must  complete  the  below  steps  by  no  later  than  Friday, November 18, 2022.

  • Provide notice of the planned leave date, pick up time  and  return  date  directly  to  the  RN  Unit Coordinator. Please go online to:  https://www.thewesleycommunity.org/category/coronavirus-updates/ to obtain RN Unit Coordinator contact information.
  • Your unit coordinator will then submit the LOA Medication form to the Pharmacy team by no later than Monday, November. 21, 2022.
  • A successful car transfer must be demonstrated  by  resident  and  driver   prior  to  the  deadline  of November 18, 2022, if training has not already been conducted this yea This is a one-time requirement unless there is a change of condition with your loved one’s status. At the time of the notification to your RN Unit Coordinator, a therapy referral will be entered with your name and contact information. The Therapy Director will contact you for scheduling the evaluation shortly after. Resident and driver need to be available at the time of the scheduled evaluation.

Wesley Health Care Center encourages families to utilize a professional Transportation Service such as Star Bus, Amazing Grace or other vendors. If a resident or family chooses to utilize a professional transportation service, no therapy evaluation is needed, however advanced notice is still required to be given to the Unit Coordinator. The Unit Clerk can assist with coordinating the transportation service, if necessary.

It is our responsibility to make sure residents are transported in a safe manner when leaving the facility. Please know that Wesley Health Care Center does have the right to deny a request for a resident to leave the facility if the car transfer evaluation has not been completed or the resident or resident representative refuses, or fails to meet, the safety requirement for transportation. Same day outing requests cannot be accommodated.

Please remember that all residents require the family member to sign their loved one out prior to leaving the unit to ensure your loved one’s whereabouts are documented. If you do not plan to return upon the expected date and time, please contact your loved one’s unit or nursing supervisor to notify them of this change.

To learn more about Wesley’s Resident Leave of Absence Policy and Procedure, as well as quarantine requirements, please go online to:  https://www.thewesleycommunity.org/general/wesley-health-care-center-off-site-visit-guidelines-for-residents-families/.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and Happy Holidays!


Jessica Florio, Administrator


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