Employment Overview and Benefits

    Full time employees are hired to work 30 or more hours per week in a regular schedule.
    After one month, they are eligible for seven paid holidays. Benefit time accrues after three months as follows:

    • up to 2 weeks of vacation time per year (up to 3 weeks for RNs)
    • up to 2 weeks of sick time per year
    • up to 3 days of personal time per year
    • Regular part time employees are hired to work 20-30 hours per week in a regular schedule. They earn up to 2 weeks of vacation time per year.

    All employees are immediately entitled to direct deposit of their paycheck and free checking to the bank or credit union of their choice and the Christmas Club.  In addition, after three months of employment, all employees are eligible for health insurance, employee prescriptions filled by Wesley Health Care Center's pharmacy and paid through payroll deduction, Group Term Life Insurance, Tax Sheltered Annuity Option.

    After one year, all employees are eligible for dental insurance and pension plan.

    CNA Training Program

    Wesley offers a 100 hour Nursing Assistant Training Program of classroom and clinical training. Applicants are hired and then trained in our program. The paid training begins with a General Orientation to Wesley. All applicants must be hired by Wesley to participate in the training program.

    Training Component

    Trainees learn how to care for residents, including but not limited to: bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, feeding, transferring (lifting residents using proper body mechanics as well as some mechanical lifts). Additional skills will be taught in range of motion (exercising residents' muscles), to take temperatures, pulses, and respiration, to perform skin care and catheter care, to weigh and measure a person in bed, to make an occupied and an unoccupied bed, and to clean and store equipment.
    All of these skills are taught in the classroom and then practiced on clinical days. Wesley's RN and LPN In-service Educators along with its clinical supervisory staff oversee the training program.

    Physical requirements of the job include heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, twisting, bending and standing. At least 80% of the work day will be spent using these skills.
    Working on the Nursing Unit - Once the training is complete, there is an orientation period on an assigned unit. After orientation a regular work schedule is established. Positions include every other weekend plus several days during the week.

    State Certification

    Once trainees are working, Wesley schedules the State Clinical and Written exams for them. Both tests are given at Wesley and Wesley pays for the testing fees. A clinical evaluator will come in and evaluate five clinical skills. At the end of the five skills, each person will know if they have passed or failed. Assuming the clinical portion of the exam is passed, that afternoon the state written exam is given.  It is 60 multiple choice questions. The evaluator sends the completed tests to the testing center, and the test results are mailed. After passing the test and once certified, trainees receive a certificate stating they are a Certified Nursing Assistant in New York State.

    To learn more about the Nursing Assistant Training Program contact Human Services at (518) 691-1668.

    Job Descriptions

    Wesley has many career opportunities available in the fields of nursing, housekeeping, physical therapy, social services, nutritional services, administration, activities and much more. Some positions require degrees and some do not.

    Certified Nursing Assistant

    The role of a CNA includes both professional and non-professional nursing duties for residents. A CNA will perform restorative and rehabilitative procedures to promote a resident's independence. Major responsibilities also include assisting residents at mealtimes, helping to lift, move or transport residents in and out of bed, and assist residents with a variety of hygiene functions.


    This position is responsible for completing a variety of tasks related to public areas and residents' room cleaning. Many of the duties and responsibilities of the position include dusting, mopping floors, trash removal, meal clean up and a variety of monthly cleaning projects.

    Laundry Worker

    This position includes a variety of tasks related to cleaning residents' personal clothing and linens. Duties include gathering, weighing, sorting, washing, drying, and folding of laundry and linen in addition to other assigned duties.

    Food Services Worker

    The responsibilities for this position include food service preparation, tray assembly process, delivery and retrieval of food cart from units and cleaning of carts, utensils, plates and kitchen areas.

    Maintenance Person

    The primary purpose of this position is to maintain Wesley's grounds and equipment in a safe and efficient manner. Some major responsibilities include shrub trimming, snow plowing, plumbing, plastering, carpentry and preventative maintenance, which includes inspection, adjustment and lubrication of equipment.


    Volunteering is a wonderful way to get to know our community, staff and residents. Many of our volunteers are community members or relatives and friends of our residents. The role played by volunteers enhances the lives of residents at Wesley Health Care Center. Our volunteers are as young as twelve or as mature as ninety-four with many different interests and abilities.

    Becoming a volunteer can be the first step for a person considering a career in health care. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to become acquainted with helping a variety of residents and learn about the careers available in health care.

    Volunteer possibilities include reading a newspaper or book to an individual or group of residents, working in the gift shop, assisting our maintenance department, sewing or mending residents clothing and assisting our activity department with activities and field trips. These are just a few of the volunteer opportunities at Wesley Health Care Center.

    To learn more about becoming a volunteer, call (518) 691-1457 and ask to speak with our director of volunteer services.

    Work Study


    Program Overview

    At Wesley Health Care Center, we have developed a flexible program designed to enhance your nursing education by giving you work-related experience.
    Through this program, you will be working with other health care professionals and can observe firsthand how primary nursing is practiced in a long-term care setting, but you will also have a flexible schedule to allow for the demands of your educational program.

    Program Features

    • Competitive rates for per diem work
    • Wesley Health Care Center, Inc. will pay for your certified nursing assistant test
    • Time-and-a-half pay for holidays worked
    • Since these positions are per diem, they are not eligible for benefits

    Requirements for per diem work when in school

    • One of two days per week (more if desired) with flexible hours of your choosing. Example: 4-8 pm, 3:30-9
    • Two weekend days per month (One Saturday or Sunday or a Saturday and Sunday together on a shift of your choice)

    When not in school

    • As many days as desired (shifts depends on staffing needs)
    • Every other weekend
    • One major holiday

    To learn more about our Work Study opportunities or to apply for the program, please call the Human Resources office at (518) 691-1668.