What Makes The Wesley Community Special as an Employer?

    The Wesley Community has many long-term employees, as well as employees who have returned after trying employment someplace else.  Why?  There are more reasons than the employee picnics and holiday parties that include family members, the recognition events, or the fun theme weeks with contests and prizes. 

    The Wesley Community is a place where fulfilling careers can happen.  We train entry level health care workers as Certified Nursing Assistants. Our Meinhardt Partnership fund provides scholarships and reimbursement for educational costs for RNs and LPNs employed here. All employees receive vital training in best practices to help them be fully informed and safe employees.

    Most of all, if you want your work to mean something, The Wesley Community is a perfect fit for you.  We are a mission driven, not-for-profit organization that puts people first. 

    We are proud of our reputation for excellence, innovation, and a personal approach to care and services. We encourage and support our residents in their efforts to remain or become independent, mobile, pain free, or whatever else is important to them.  We treat them respectfully, whatever their age or condition or ability to respond. To us, it's more than a job.  It’s caring that starts in the heart. 

    Take a look below to see how you can become part of The Wesley Community’s outstanding staff.


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    CNA Training Program


    Wesley offers a 100 hour Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program of classroom and clinical training. All applicants must be hired by Wesley in order to participate in the training program. The paid training begins with a general orientation to Wesley.

    Training Component

    Wesley's RN and LPN in-service educators along with clinical supervisory staff oversee the training program. All skills are taught in the classroom and then practiced on clinical days.

    Once the training is complete, there is an orientation period on an assigned unit. After orientation a regular work schedule is established. Positions include every other weekend plus several days during the week.

    Trainees learn how to care for residents, including but not limited to: bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, feeding, and transferring (lifting residents using proper body mechanics as well as some mechanical lifts).

    Trainees will also learn to take temperatures, pulses, and respiration; to perform skin care and catheter care; to help residents perform range of motion exercises for their muscles, to weigh and measure a person in bed, to make an occupied and an unoccupied bed, and to clean and store equipment.

    Physical requirements of the job include heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, twisting, bending and standing. At least 80% of the work day will be spent utilizing these physical requirements.

    State Certification

    Once trainees are working, Wesley schedules their state clinical and written exams. Both tests are given at Wesley and Wesley pays the testing fees. A clinical evaluator will evaluate five clinical skills. If the clinical portion of the exam is passed, the state written exam of 60 multiple choice questions is given that afternoon. The test results are mailed. After passing the test and once certified, trainees receive a certificate stating they are a Certified Nursing Assistant in New York State.

    To learn more about the Nursing Assistant Training Program contact Human Resources at (518) 691-1668.


    Work Study

    Program Overview

    At Wesley Health Care Center, we have developed a flexible program designed to enhance nursing education through work-related experience. Student nurses work with other health care professionals and observe firsthand how to practice primary nursing in a long-term care setting. The flexible schedule allows for the demands of the student's formal educational program.

    Program Features

    • Competitive rates for per diem work
    • Wesley Health Care Center will pay for your certified nursing assistant test
    • Time-and-a-half pay for holidays worked

    Since these positions are per diem, they are not eligible for benefits

    To learn more about our Work Study opportunities or to apply for the program, please call the Human Resources office at (518) 691-1668.

    Employment Overview and Benefits

    Full time employees work a regular schedule of 30 or more hours per week.

    After one month, they are eligible for seven paid holidays.

    Benefit time accrues after three months as follows:

    • up to 2 weeks of vacation time per year (up to 3 weeks for RNs)
    • up to 2 weeks of sick time per year
    • up to 3 days of personal time per year

    Regular part time employees work a regular schedule of 20-30 hours per week. They earn up to 2 weeks of vacation time per year.

    All employees are immediately entitled to direct deposit of their paycheck and free checking at the bank or credit union of their choice. Direct deposit to a Christmas Club is also immediately available.

    After three months of employment, all employees are eligible for:

    • Health insurance
    • Employee prescriptions filled by Wesley Health Care Center's pharmacy and paid through payroll deduction
    • Group Term Life Insurance
    • Tax Sheltered Annuity Option.

    After one year, all employees are eligible for dental insurance and pension plan (401K).